4.5 Exceptions to Competitive Solicitations

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Policy Information

Policy Number: 4.5 Effective Date: February 1996
Responsible Unit: Financial Services - Purchasing Last Revised Date: April 2023
Phone: 520-621-5449 Email: FNSV-Purchasing@arizona.edu

Purpose and Summary

The purpose of this policy is to explain exceptions to competitive solicitations.


Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) Policy, including but not limited to 3-801 H. University Procurement Code, 3-803 Source Selection and Contract Formation, and 3-808 Intergovernmental Purchases


This policy applies to all University locations and units, including all University extensions, satellite locations, and off-site campus units, both domestic and international.


  1. Competitive Solicitations: An Invitation for Bids, a Request for Proposals, a request for quotations, a Request for Qualifications, or any other requests by the University for the purpose of soliciting Bids, Offers, or qualifications to perform a Contract.


In accordance with the ABOR University Procurement Code and University Purchasing Policies, contracts exceeding $25,000 shall be awarded via competitive solicitations, except as follows:

  1. Sole Source Procurements (ABOR Policy 3-803)
  2. Emergency Procurements (ABOR Policy 3-803)
  3. Procurement of livestock, animals, feed, etc. (ABOR Policy 3-803)
  4. Procurement of materials at auction or at commodity index - excluding real property (ABOR Policy 3-803)
  5. Arizona Correctional Enterprises (ACORs) and Arizona Industries for the Blind (ABOR Policy 3-808).


  1. An emergency exists if there is a threat to health, welfare, or safety; or if a situation exists which makes compliance with this competitive process impractical, unnecessary or contrary to public interest. Emergency procurements shall be made with such competition as is practicable under the circumstances and must be documented by the completion of the Emergency Justification Form with approvals obtained as stipulated on the form.
  2. For policies and procedures related to Sole Source procurement, refer to Purchasing Policy 4.7 Sole Source.

ABOR Policy 3-803 Source Selection and Contract Formation
ABOR Policy 3-808 Intergovernmental Procurement

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