4.7 Sole Source

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Policy Information

Policy Number: 4.7 Effective Date: February 1996
Responsible Unit: Financial Services - Purchasing Last Revised Date: February 1996
Phone: 520-621-5449 Email: contactpacs@fso.arizona.edu

Purpose and Summary

The purpose of this policy is to describe what a sole source procurement is and the requirements surrounding it.


Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) Policy, including but not limited to 3-803 Source Selection and Contract Formation


This policy applies to all University locations and units, including all University extensions, satellite locations, and off-site campus units, both domestic and international.


  1. Sole Source:  It may be necessary to procure equipment, supplies or service from a sole vendor source. This means that there is only one source of supply for the purchase requirement. Sole source procurements are the exception rather than the normal rule. Examples of sole source procurement are:
    1. Items which must be compatible with existing equipment or systems and are available only from the original manufacturer.
    2. Items that have specific features essential for the completion of the task or project at hand that are available from only one source of supply.


  1. A departmental request for a sole source purchase must be documented by completion of the Justification for Sole Source Procurement form and approved by the Chief Procurement Officer or designee.
  2. The Justification for Sole Source Procurement form must include features requested which are essential for the intended use that other manufacturers of like products do not have. Exterior size will only be used if space available is critical.
  3. If the requirement is available from more than one source, it is not considered a sole source.
  4. Preference for one vendor, product or service following any market studies, quotation, acquisition or demonstration/testing by a department does not constitute a sole source. These preferences must be determined through a competitive proposal/bid process issued by the Procurement and Contracting Services Department.
  5. Submission of sole source justification, brand name and other essential data, even though accepted by Purchasing, does not negate the requirement to obtain pricing confirmation from the specified vendor which may be in the form of a written proposal/bid.
  6. Information as to why the item is needed pertains to business purpose and budget justification and is not acceptable for a sole source determination.


  1. Complete the Justification for Sole Source Procurement form and obtain approval by the Chief Procurement Officer or designee.

ABOR Policy 3-803 Source Selection and Contract Formation

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