6.20 Sponsored Project Equipment

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To provide direction to university departments regarding transferring research equipment to another university or college.


Powers and duties of the University President, ABOR Policy 3-801 and 3-802

Authority below applies ONLY to Federal Property (acquisition dollars or title):

  • Government Property, 48 C.F.R. § 45
  • Government Property, 48 C.F.R. § 52.245-1
  • Government Property, 48 C.F.R. § 245
  • Government Property, 48 C.F.R. § 1852.245
  • Uniform Guidance, 2 C.F.R. § 200

POLICY:  The University is prohibited by Arizona Revised Statutes from giving away assets without receiving comparable value in return. However, it is possible for research personnel who have terminated employment with the University of Arizona, but who will be employed by another university or college, to transfer research equipment acquired on both current and retired sponsored accounts to their new institution. Equipment may also be transferred on a case-by-case basis, on an exception-approval basis, to federal and non-profit research agencies.  The following conditions are required to transfer research equipment to another university or college, a federal agency, or non-profit organization.

  1. Equipment must have been purchased entirely with sponsored project grant and contract accounts (3000000 - 4999990), obtained as government-furnished equipment, or purchased on restricted accounts (non-university funded) for specific researchers.
  2. Equipment purchased entirely on State funding cannot be transferred, but the new institution may purchase the equipment pursuant to policy and procedure in Property Management Manual 6.10.
  3. Equipment purchased with funding split between State and Sponsor cannot be transferred or purchased by another institution. This equipment must remain at the University.
  4. The equipment is used in the conduct of a research project. The equipment actually applicable to a research project shall be determined by the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies.
  5. The equipment will be titled to an eligible institution. Under no circumstance will property be transferred to an individual or for-profit organization. Foreign entities are not considered eligible institutions. Transfers to foreign entities must be approved by the sponsor. 
  6. The transferring researcher is the principal or co-Principal Investigator on the sponsored grant or contract.





  1. Fax to the SPS Property Administrator a list of equipment desiring to transfer that includes the A-tag and N-Tag identification numbers and account numbers on which the items were purchased. Indicate the name of the new employing institution. 


  1. Verify that the equipment items meet or do not meet the transfer requirements and inform the Principal Investigator. 


  1. Prepare a memorandum to the department head requesting the research equipment transfer with the following information:
    1. Reason for the transfer.
    2. Name of the new institution
    3. Name and address of new institutions Property Administrator.
    4. Date items are to be shipped.
    5. Provide signature lines for the department head, dean, SPS property Administrator and Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies.
    6. Attach a list of assets to be transferred.
    7. Obtain the department head’s signature and the dean’s signature.
  2. Forward the original of the memorandum with the department head and dean signatures to SPS Property Administrator. 


  1. Verify that the listed equipment meets the transfer requirements, sign the transfer authorization memorandum, and forward the memorandum to the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies with a recommendation. If the listed equipment does not meet the eligibility requirements to transfer, return the memorandum to the Principal Investigator with an explanation.


  1. Approve or disapprove the transfer request and return memorandum to SPS Property Administrator for distribution. 


  1. Distribute the signed memorandum, prepare a Property Record Change Form to delete the assets from the Capital Asset Module (CAM) and sent to Property Management with copy of signed memorandum. 


  1. Remove the assets from the Capital Asset Module (CAM).