14.17 Cancellations and Corrections

Last Updated
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 11:33 am
Purpose: To provide guidelines and procedures for travel for The University of Arizona employees, students and affiliates.
Policy Owner: FSO Operations - Travel

Canceling a Travel Authorization/Trip

  1. Travel Advances: If your trip has been canceled and you received an advance, the advance is repayable to the University within 10 days from the date of cancellation. Travelers are responsible for returning the entire amount of the advance to the university. Failure to submit repayment with a cancellation will result in a payroll deduction for the entire amount of the advance. Repaying a Travel Advance - Tutorial
  2. Airline tickets: If you had a refundable airline ticket, return the ticket to the travel agent and request a credit. Once you receive a credit for the ticket, you can then issue a repayment to the University for the travel advance (if applicable). Normally the credit will take more than 10 days, so please keep Financial Services - Operations informed. If you had a non-refundable airline ticket, attach the ticket to the Travel Expense Report and process normally. If this is an E-Ticket and you cannot attach the original ticket, provide a memo of explanation for the cancellation and a description of how the credit for the unused ticket will be utilized for University Travel only.
  3. Registration fees: If your trip is canceled and the registration fee is refundable, request a credit and repay the advance. If the registration fees are non-refundable, attach proof of payment and process normally.
  4. Travel Authorization:  Send a copy of the Travel Authorization to Financial Services - Operations marked "CANCEL."