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7.50 Use of University and Sponsor Equipment


To provide direction to university departments regarding the use of University and sponsor owned equipment.


Powers and duties of the University President, ABOR Policy 3-801 and 3-802

Authority below applies ONLY to Federal Property (acquisition dollars or title):

  • 48 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 45
  • 2 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 200 (“Uniform Guidance”)


University owned equipment may be used only for university purposes. Permissible university purposes include the following:

  1. An individual's performance of assigned University duties.
  2. Research and public service supported by a sponsored grant, contract or cooperative agreement.
  3. A faculty member's research.
  4. An individual's service to a non-profit professional association or community organization where the individual is not receiving any compensation.
  5. Other activities as approved by the individual's department chair, dean, director or designee, as appropriate.

The University may rent equipment in the furtherance of its public service mission to non- university individuals and entities, and to university employees only when they are acting outside of the university employment.

The University prohibits the personal use of University and sponsor owned equipment.