18.41 Survival Guide

Last Updated
Friday, April 18, 2014 - 11:33 am

For Service Centers with LESS THAN $75,000 of annual charges to federal grants/contracts

Purpose: In response to numerous requests from the campus community, we have developed some suggestions that should help smaller service centers set rates and manage their operations in a manner which will reduce their risk of audit disallowance.

To determine if this guide applies to you, refer to the flowchart below. If the guide does not apply, refer to section 18.10, Service Center Policies.

Policy Owner: Financial Management - Administration.
Survival Guide: The 18.41, Survival Guide is available as a PDF file.

Survival Guide Flowchart

The Survival Guide applies to those units of activities that charge others for goods/services and meet all of the following conditions:



 Rate Study Cycle: Billing rates should be developed and updated at least once every two years.